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We use BHRT(bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) extensively at The Art of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

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What Is BHRT?

BHRT is the process of using hormones that are identical to the hormones already present in the body, to help relieve symptoms of menopause, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, help improve the quality of your life and balance our client’s hormonal imbalances.
We use BHRT to help many of our clients improve their health and their overall lives. It’s a natural and safe way to help improve your health with hormones that are identical to those already found in your body. Our doctors are highly trained in performing BHRT and providing the service to the South Bay of Los Angeles. We have locations in Downey, Hermosa Beach, and a concierge service.
The natural hormones used in BHRT can be used to help relieve the symptoms of menopause. The worst of these symptoms are hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats caused by hormonal imbalances. Many women struggle for relief from their symptoms for quite some time before finding something that works – BHRT could be the very thing that helps you find relief.
Our goal with BHRT for menopause relief is to help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. We use BHRT to balance your hormones again, thereby relieving the severity of your symptoms. Once your hormones are in balance, you can begin to live your life again.
Many people over the age of 40 experience hormonal imbalance. Our use of BHRT is designed to help balance your hormones as we evaluate your progress using a personalized treatment plan. We provide the highest quality of supplements to help you achieve the relief and results you desire.

Male and Female Libido and Hormones

Weak orgasm and low libido can be the result of changing hormones that comes about naturally as we age.
BHRT can help to manage these hormones that are associated with sex drive for bothmen and women.

Women – Progesterone and Estrogen

In women, the “sex hormones” are progesterone and estrogen. these two hormones need to keep a very delicate balace in order to keep a healthy sex desire.
Excess estrogen is a problem often seen in women of all ages. this can be from genetics, childbirth, and aging.
Excess estrogen can cause low sex drive, foggy thinking, pms, insomnia, anxiety and general irritability.
Estrogen dominance can be treated through progesterone therapy. Progesterone is not only key to a womans sexual health, but to her overall health as well as low levels of the hormone can also lead to sleeplessness, moodiness, foggy thinking, and low sex drive.
Through BHRT, doctors are able to help women suffering from these symptoms find relief by helping them to balance thier hormone levels.

Men – Testosterone

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Most people believe that testosterone is the male equivalent to estrogen. But testosterone is a vital hormone for both male and female sexual health.
Testosterone is the “hormone of desire”. It plays a part in drive, desire, and sexual responsiveness and sensitivity. This also plays a role in getting and maintaining an erection for men, and hormone therapy can help tremendously for males who experience erectile dysfunction.
In addition, it also helps to increase energy, sharpen memory, stabilize mood, improve self confidence, and maintain lean muscle and reduce fat.
Similar to estrogen and progesterone, testosterone levels must maintain a very delicate balance in the body in order to keep healthy, sexually and otherwise.

BHRT at The Art of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging

Our team of Los Angeles doctors has years of experience working with BHRT. We are dedicated to helping alleviate your symptoms or reduce your risk with these natural hormones. We want nothing more than to see you live a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life. BHRT can be a tool that helps you achieve these goals with the careful direction of one of our doctors.
The South Bay doctors use natural hormones in BHRT that are biologically identical to many that are already found in your body to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause. These same hormones can be used to reduce your risk for osteoporosis. These hormones are a safe and effective alternative medicine that can help improve your life.
Our team of highly acclaimed doctors has one goal – to help improve the quality of your life with BHRT. It’s one of the reasons we’re the best in the South Bay of Los Angeles for having BHRT done. We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the best experience possible with our hormone therapies.
When you become one of our clients, you receive one on one attention from one of our doctors regarding your BHRT plan. We’re with you through every step of the journey to make sure that you achieve the results you want. Your goals become our goals as we work together to use BHRT to balance your hormones, reduce your risk for osteoporosis, or find relief from menopause.

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